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Alternative Therapies


An ancient yet still a powerful healing tool provided in the form of a massage. Aromatherapy uses Essential Oils from a wide variety of plants each specific for different bodily problems and functions. The oils contain oxygenating molecules that transport nutrients to the cells of the body. They also affect neurotransmitters in the brain which in turn initiate physical and psychological reactions that enhance healing, self esteem and emotional balance.


Used in China approximately 2500 years ago Reflexology has become firmly established as one of the best alternative therapy treatments in todays market. If provided by the right person Reflexology can reduce pain, create relaxation, benefit mental health problems, relieve stress and show up signs of disease.

Sports Massage

Meant to help prevent athletic injury, relieve swelling, fatigue and muscle tension and increase flexibility Sports Massage is a deep tissue massage that has become a favourite of all not just those involved in regular exercise.

Swedish Massage

Developed by a Swedish doctor, Dr Per Henrik Ling in the 1820s and has now become known as the 'Traditional Massage'. The long gliding strokes, kneading, friction, and tapping movements are ideal in creating relaxation, increasing circulation and energizing the client.

Hot Stone Therapy

An age old therapy dating back 3000 years to India Hot Stone Therapy uses volcanic stones which have been heated before being placed on specific areas of the body. This arranging on the energy channels of the body instigates a healing process whilst relaxing and 'Drawing Out' muscle pain and discomfort.

Indian Head Massage

Originating from Ayurveda, the oldest medical practice in the world dating back approximately 3500 years. Using a combination of ancient techniques and modern approaches the head massge is considered particularly good for conditions such as stress headaches, tension, insomnia, tinnitus, and hair loss whilst providing an overall feeling of relaxation and inner peace.