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Guinot Approved Salon and Skin Care Specialists

Guinot origins lay in the work of chemical engineer Rene Guinot who began working with skin care and cleansing products in the late 1920s and 1930s. In 1930 he achieved his first breakthrough by recognising that deep cleansing the skin allowed the active ingredients in skin care creams to penetrate more deeply. As a result of further research to date Guinot has become one of the worlds leading and most recognised supplier to salons and spas of highly effective skin care treatments.

Hydradermie 2- Double Ionization Facial

Concentrating on the eyes, face and neck this is an exclusive, customized and complete Anti-Ageing Facial which includes cleansing, exfoliation, galvanic, high frequency, massage and a mask provided in a purely relaxing 1 hour 45mins.
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In little more than an hour your skin looks 'brand new'. With a nonthly maintenance treatment your skin will become clearer, healthier and radiant all year round.
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Age Logic Plus

A 3 part treatment incorporating the face, eyes and neck. Using new specific Guinot gels around the eyes and neck areas the treatment will tone and rehydrate the skin thereby helping prevent wrinkles.


Developed specifically to treat problems associated with mature and fatigued skin this facial is based on the use of stimulating Orange Ginseng and Marine Collagen to regenerate and energise the skin leaving it firm and glowing.

Beaute' Neuve

A peeling skin treatment that leaves your skin fresh and soft by using fruit enzymes to gently remove dead skin cells and promote cellular renewal to reveal a layer of new cells.


Find tranquil beauty with this unique facial that combines the benefits of Essential oils with destressing and tension reducing massage techniques with the addition of a mask tailor made to suit your tailor made facial requirements.